Welcome to Mission: Pedestrian

Walking is transportation. It is the basis of all trips. It needs to be safer.

Mission: Pedestrian supports median islands on busy streets.

Median islands greatly increase safety on busy streets.

Are you concerned about drivers speeding in your neighborhood? Do you find it difficult to cross a busy street? Everyone is a pedestrian. Every car or bus trip begins and ends with a person walking or using a wheelchair or other mobility device. If you park a car at the curb and then walk to a store, you are a pedestrian for part of your trip. Mission: Pedestrian is dedicated to making the walking part of your trip safe and enjoyable. Mission: Pedestrian is a member of CaliforniaWalks, a statewide organization of affiliated nonprofit and volunteer groups dedicated to creating healthy, safe, and walkable communities. Our name and our group started in 1997 when Caltrans was widening Mission Street in Santa Cruz. We wanted a street that would be safe for pedestrians to cross. We got our name from the TV show and movie Mission: Impossible.

Is it impossible to make walking in Santa Cruz safe? We don’t think so. Difficult, yes but entirely possible. You can help by getting involved.

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