What you can do

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Calm Traffic

Public Works projects can take a long time to implement. There is much you can do right now.

  1. Park your car on the street.
    Cars parked on the street narrow the roadway and reduce the speed of traveling vehicles.
  2. Drive within the speed limit.
    When you drive within the speed limit, you slow down the vehicles behind you, especially on neighborhood streets. Your vehicle becomes, in essence, a moving speed bump.
  3. Plant a tree in front of your house.
    Large canopy trees visually enclose the street and can help slow down traffic.
  4. Visit a neighbor across the street.
    Pedestrian traffic back and forth across a street slows down vehicles.
  5. Replace some of your car trips with bicycle trips or walking trips.
    Not only will there be fewer cars driving on your street, but also the increase of people on the street and bicycle traffic can create an atmosphere which reduces vehicle speeds.
  6. Have a block party.
    So long as you do not block traffic, you can have a party on a neighborhood street. Station a person on either end of the festivities to guide vehicles through the bustle at a safe 5-10 mph.
  7. Have a yard sale.
    Activities in the front yards of houses have a slowing effect on traffic.
  8. Create something of interest in your front yard.
    Drivers will slow down to look. It could be a whirl-a-gig, a lovely flower display, or even a sculpture. Whatever you want.
  9. Stop for pedestrians when you are driving.
    Your thoughtfulness and observance of the law also slows down the drivers behind you.
  10. Leave a child’s tricycle or other toy next to the curb.
    Many drivers are extra cautious when children are present. If you rotate the toys, they will have more of an effect.