Who We Are

Who we are

We are a group of citizens working to improve pedestrian infrastructure.
  • We help local governments to use best-practices when designing and installing new pedestrian facilities.
  • We identify pedestrian hazards and work with government agencies to eliminate the hazards.
  • We monitor City and County government activities and comment on pedestrian-related issues as they come before advisory commissions and councils.
  • We participate in public activities (like the 2012 Open Streets event) to promote the benefits of walking and to advocate for pedestrian interests.

Mission: Pedestrian Steering Committee

Debbie Bulger Cindy Geise George Ow, Jr. Emily Reilly Peter Scott Vicki Winters

Mission: Pedestrian is a member of CaliforniaWalks, a statewide organization of affiliated nonprofit and volunteer groups dedicated to creating healthy, safe, and walkable communities.